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Please read this Inspection Agreement carefully:

This is a standard home inspection agreement used across the home inspection industry. It is required to be completed by the client or client's representative prior to a home inspection, wind mitigation inspection, 4 point inspection, mold inspection, mold testing and any other home inspection service provided prior to inspection. Without a home inspection agreement a home inspectors insurance may not be binding.
It also helps us serve our clients better by giving us all the information needed to get to the property and get the reports out to our clients.
It eliminates mistakes as all information provided by our client is transposed directly to your reports as well as providing times and addresses that are synced directly to our calendar and GPS system.

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Beacon Home Inspection Services LLC
William K. Scott

Please print a copy of this Home Inspection Agreement for your records.

Todays date.


Purchaser's Full Name

Street address of the home to that is to be inspected

City where the home is located.

Zip Code for the home being inspected.

Telephone number that you would like listed on the report(s).

Email address of the report(s) recipient.


It is agreed by all that this inspection is to be performed according to the following terms and conditions: This form, whether filled out by the client or clients representative is a binding legal contract set forth by the conditions below.


1. Beacon Home Inspection Services will provide the Client a limited-time inspection of readily accessible and visible conditions and report of the following readily accessible and visible pertinent, major elements existing in the structure on the date of inspection: operations of the central air conditioning/ central heating system, interior electric components, interior and exterior plumbing fixtures, foundation, accessible crawlspace, roof coverings, interior/ exterior wall surfaces, floors surfaces, ceiling surfaces, and general operations of built-in kitchen appliances. Beacon Home Inspection Services shall have no obligation to repair or replace any items found to be defective, whether or not verbally discussed or in Beacon Home Inspection Services written report. Appliances, HVAC, electrical and plumbing components can fail at anytime. Operational and visible conditions are from a visual and limited operational inspection only and are from the standpoint of the inspector/ inspectors experience and opinion. Estimated life expectancy is determined by the age of the components and adjusted by any deficiencies observed at the time of inspection in the opinion of the inspector/ inspectors. Components that are listed as "old, aged or dated" should be considered as operational at the time of inspection but service or replacement may soon be needed and the need for replacement or repairs should be expected. For appliances and components over ten years old, a further, more invasive inspection by an appropriate, licensed contractor is recommended as a visual/ operational inspection will not uncover all potential deficiencies.
Conditions that may exist relating to any legal and/or public records are outside the scope of this inspection and it is highly recommended that due diligence be followed by the buyer or buyers attorney with regards to zoning and permitting for any and all updates and improvements that may have been made to the property. Beacon Home Inspection Service's reports go well beyond what is required by our governing Internachi's Standards of Practice. For what's required and not required during the process of your home inspection set forth by Internachi in conjunction with Florida's Department a Business and Professional Regulation please see the following web page. https://nachi.org/sop

2. Payment of the home inspection fee(s) entitles client to one original of the computer generated inspection report(s) including photographs. A report may be sent to a third party such as a real estate agent only by the client's request as denoted in this agreement. Payment, by check, cash, credit card or Zelle is due prior to the start of the inspection. The liability of Beacon Home Inspection Services is limited by terms and conditions as set forth in this contract between Beacon Home Inspection Services signed by the Client or client's representative. Client expressly releases Beacon Home Inspection Services from any and all claims arising out of the contract. Beacon Home Inspection reports covered by this contract are between Beacon Home Inspection Services and Client herein and transfer of these reports in whole or in part to any third party is strictly prohibited.

3. Client or client's representative represents and assures Beacon Home Inspection Services that the Client or client's representative has secured all approvals necessary for entry onto the premises to be inspected. Client further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Beacon Home Inspection Services from demands or claims alleging a trespass upon the premises to be inspected. It is the responsibility of the Client or Client's Representative to ensure the utilities are on at the time of inspection. If utilities are not on and we have to reschedule for a later date a $125 cancellation fee will be accessed at the time of inspection.

4. This contract, with its terms, conditions and disclosures, constitutes the entire agreement between Beacon Home Inspection Services and Client for all inspection agreed upon within this form and preformed by Beacon Home Inspection Services. Termite Inspections and Septic System Inspections are performed by a third party. Client agrees to hold harmless Beacon Home Inspection Services for any and all errors or omissions by third party service providers. Both parties agree that there is no representation, statement or agreement not set forth herein or incorporated by reference. No waiver, alteration of modification of this contract shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed by an authorized representative of both parties. This contract shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of Florida. For all areas marked outside of good condition, Beacon Home Inspection Services recommends proper attention by the appropriate licensed contractor.

5. Beacon Home Inspection Services has no liability for occupied/unoccupied homes and structures, and the inspection is only good until the inspector leaves the property. Disgruntled sellers/squatters often change the condition of the property and no guarantees will be made by Beacon Home Inspection Services.

6. I have full authority to execute this contract. I fully understand the fact that only the original buyer on this contract shall be entitled to the information contained in the inspection report/contract and reports are non-transferable.

7. Client shall be liable for and indemnify Beacon Home Inspection Services attorney's fees in the event of litigation where Beacon Home Inspection Services is found to be NOT at fault, any negative comments/actions reflected on/towards Beacon Home Inspection Services shall be grounds for a slander-suit for defamation of character in Superior Court. The defamation of character suit shall be filed against the instigator of said comments/actions. Furthermore, the parties agree that Beacon Home Inspection Services and its employees are limited in liability to two (2x) the fee paid for the home inspection only which does not include ancillary inspections services (wind mitigation, 4 point, roof certification, Chinese Drywall and pool inspections) or testing fees for (Mold, lead paint, asbestos, FHA/ VA water sampling).

Beacon Home Inspection Services cannot determine during the inspection if the roof leaks or is watertight unless there is accessible visible evidence of a leak at the time of inspection; the inspection is on visible material conditions only. Estimated life expectancy given on roofs is determined by the age of the roof and any visible deficiencies observed at the time of inspection and life expectancy is an estimate only on the amount of time left before the roof will need to be fully replaced. Opinions on life expectancy does not guarantee against roof leaks or that repairs and maintenance during stated life expectancy will not be needed. Life expectancy does not take into consideration damage, past or future, that has occurred or may occur from storm damage from wind, hail, flying debris or other acts of God. Furthermore, this inspection does not cover areas which cannot be visibly observed through a non destructive/invasive inspection such as conditions that may exist inside of walls or inaccessible areas of the attic which include but are not limited to... leaks, type of plumbing (polybutylene/ galvanized supply lines or cast iron drain lines) wood rot, termite activity or damage as well as structural damage from conditions which cannot be visually observed at the time of inspection. This inspection does not include code compliance, soil or groundwater contamination, geological, design, adequacy evaluation. Ancillary wiring such as landscape lighting (high or low voltage), cable or satellite TV, intercom/sound systems, remotely controlled or specialized control panels are beyond the scope of a general home inspection. Removal of panels, covers and cabinets on components such as but not limited to water heaters, HVAC equipment, appliances, pool equipment and whole house generators are beyond the scope of a visual home inspection. Solar panels or other secondary heating sources as well as whole house generators, pool heaters or heat recovery systems require specialized equipment and an extended period of time for proper evaluation which is not within the scope of a home inspection though we will make every effort to identify visual deficiencies. Beacon Home Inspection Services reserves a 5% margin or tolerance. At times, conditions may exist and may not have any visible signs to indicate its existence. Conditions may exists that are not readily visible due to inaccessibility or concealed by previous repairs or remediation of mold/asbestos/ lead paint performed by the seller such as but not limited to active or previous leaks, polybutylene/ galvanized plumbing supply lines, termite activity/ treatments, previous mold remediation items must be disclosed by the seller of the property in writing and should be provided to the inspector in the form of the sellers disclosure at least 24 hours in advance. Beacon Home Inspection Services recommends that the Client seek the advice of his legal counsel and/or real estate agent to identify items subject to the industry standard seller's disclosure in addition to those set forth in Beacon Home Inspection Services home inspection agreement. Beacon Home Inspection Services also highly recommends checking for permits on all additional construction performed on or replacement of components at the property after the original construction as well as any assessments that may be due from city, county or home owners association prior to closing.
Beacon Home Inspection Service's inspections are performed with consideration given to the age of the structure, items marked good must in all cases be considered good for the age of the item. Also, items in less than good condition will be marked as such, even though the condition may be normal for the age at the inspectors discretion. Opinions vary from person to person and the report is the opinion of the inspector and must be considered as such. This report is not a mold or hazardous materials inspection unless otherwise agreed upon by the client and a representative of Beacon Home Inspection Services in writing. Any and all deficiencies that contradict the conditions set forth in the written inspection report must be disclosed to the home inspector within 24 hours of discovery and access for further evaluation and reinspection must be provided by the owner or tenant to the inspector within 72 hours of discovery.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this contract as set forth on the front of this form. I fully understand that if there is no signature on the line below, this inspection report shall be null and void.

Check the box to signify that you have read the contract terms.

Payment Options
Cash, Check, Money Orders, Zelle, and all major credit cards.

Your computers IP Address.

To see what is included in a Beacon Home Inspection please click on this link https://nachi.org/sop

A Wind Mitigation Inspection is an inspection of your wind storm mitigating factors such as hurricane shutters, roof to wall attachments and type of construction. These reports are sent to your insurance company and can reduce your insurance premiums by up to 40%. (These inspections are sometimes required by your lender and/or insurance company.)

Separate from a home inspection, A 4 Point Inspection is a short inspection on 4 the major components of your home (Roof, Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC) that can accompany the wind mitigation report to your insurance company which may further reduce your insurance premiums. (These inspections are sometimes required by your lender and/or insurance company.)

A visual inspection of a pool and or spa and proper operation. This inspection covers the decking, coping, visual water quality, Marcite condition, condition of the filter, condition of the pool equipment (pool pump(s), heater, motor, timer and operation of the equipment by the on off switch only. It does not include timed operations, settings of the timed operations, water testing, Hydro testing (leak detection) or a geological survey of shifting soil or grading. Equipment can only be evaluated if it operates by the on/off switches.

A Roof Certification is an inspection required to obtain insurance through certain insurance carriers. (These inspections are sometimes required by your lender and/or insurance company.)

Indoor Air Quality sampling tests are preformed to determine the levels of mold spores in an indoor environment, this preliminary test can also reveal the presence of other irritants such as rusts, pollen, cellulose fibers and fiberglass particles. This test does not detect the presence of lead, radon, asbestos or Chinese Drywall. This test is mainly used to indicate whether or not the home has an unknown mold issue or may have had previous mold issues which were not properly remediated. Please call for pricing before choosing this option.

All home inspections include a visual inspection for Chinese Drywall. Choose this option if you have reason to believe that Chinese Drywall may be present in the home and if you would like sampling with an independent laboratory analysis to be preformed. Please understand when testing drywall a 2x2 inch drywall sample will need to be removed and sent to the laboratory for analysis. By choosing this option signing this agreement you are accepting all responsibility for the drywall removal. Where possible Beacon Home Inspection Services will remove the sample(s) from the least intrusive place possible. Please call for pricing prior to choosing this option.

Recommended for all homes with wells or older homes that may contain aged plumbing or lead pipes. Water sampling can only be performed on Mondays or Tuesdays as the water samples must be collected and shipped on ice to the laboratory. The laboratory must then test the samples within 24 hours for accurate results. If we collect them on Wednesday or later the samples may be to degraded to test.

Authorization to deliver or disclose inspection/test reports/results to a third party such as your Realtor or Insurance agent. (If accepted please indicate the parties name, relationship and email address in the comment field below.)

The signee's signature.

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