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You may be drinking water with quality equal to a third world country.

At Beacon Home Inspection Services our number one priority is the safety and well being of our clients, family and their personal property. If your not changing your water filter regularly it could contain all sorts of impurities including mold and fecal matter.  No detail is too insignificant when it comes to safety. So today we're going to tell you about the importance of changing your water filter(s). Is your refrigerator over 6 months old? Do you know if it has a water filter? If so when was the last time you changed your water filter? Have you had any boil water alerts in your area recently? Did you change your water filter after that boil water alert? Would you drink this? Would you let your children drink this...?

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The water quality coming out of your refrigerator may not look like this but it could be just as nasty! One of the biggest  issues I found as a former West Palm Beach General Electric Appliance Technician was that most people either didn't know their refrigerator had a water filter or they didn't know that it should be changed every 6 months or after every  boil water alert. I used to ask my customers "When is the last time you changed your water filter?" Most of them would say "I have a water filter?" Others would say "Never" The best ones would say "I have a separate water filter system that I use for my drinking water" to which I would reply "How about ice, do you use your ice?" 95% of them said yes. Well the water that makes your ice runs through the filter before filling the ice maker. If you don't make it a habit to change your water filter in your refrigerator regularly you'd be better off removing the water filter and installing the bypass cap which all filtered refrigerators come with. Water filters, especially after a boil water alert trap microscopic contaminants but they can only hold so much. Aside from the potential health risks are the risks of property damage. By not changing your water filter it could cause the flooding of your home. Most ice maker/water valves require back pressure to slam them shut and seal them correctly. If your water pressure is reduced because of a clogged filter it could cause leaking from your water dispenser or ice maker. So change those water filters every six months whether they need it or not! This blog doesn't only apply to refrigerator water filters, it also applies to under the counter and whole house water filtration systems.     

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